What is Farmcult?

Farmcult is an Agri Startup, founded by Pritpal Singh, an MBA graduate from IMT, Nagpur. After working in corporate world, Pritpal realized his real love for the holy mother-earth ingrained in him from his ancestors from decades and therefore chose to go on fields to learn more deeply about agriculture.

Understanding the need of the world we are living today, we have realized that organic and chemical-free food intake is the most natural way to keep our immunity strong. At Farmcult, we want our consumers to experience the same taste and quality of vegetables that our grandparents reflect about.


Why Choose Us?

We self-cultivate the vegetables at our farm in Punjab with the utmost care, making us your trustworthy source of food. The vegetables grown are of premium quality, minus the exorbitant price.

Farmcult also collaborates with like-minded farmers whose cultivating practices resonate with ours, to maintain a continuous supply of natural, chemical-free and fresh vegetables.

Our baskets are available on a monthly subscription basis, delivered to your doorstep every week. Our baskets include a variety of exotic vegetables, leafy vegetables, traditional vegetables, herbs, peppers, chilies, seasonal vegetables, all sown and cultivated in our selected and audited farms.

How we work?

Transformation begets transformation. We believe that only when we transform the current ecosystem that commercializes food can we transform our health. Passion for vegetables that are chemically safe and organic in nature is what defines Farmcult.

With self-cultivating vegetables, we also harness the power of our community by partnering with like-minded farmers whose farm practices resonate with our farms culture and cultivation practices. We aim toreduce the ‘Farm to Fork’ cycle to 24 hours, making sure that our customers receive highest quality products with its natural freshness. From the farm to your doorstep, it’s 100% freshness guaranteed.

Join the cult and feel the freshness