About Us

We are Farmcult

Farmcult is an Agritech startup growing chemical-free vegetables in a tech-enabled indoor vertical hydroponics farm without using harmful pesticides/chemicals. Founded by Pritpal Singh (3rd generation farmer) in 2020, Farmcult today has one of the biggest indoor hydroponics farm facilities in the Chandigarh region, delivering fresh produce within hours of harvest.

How we do it

We grow our vegetables without using soil. Sounds like magic? It surely is! Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants in a stream of nutrient-rich RO water which is circulated in a closed loop. Since we are growing plants in a controlled environment without using soil, we eliminate the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc. The outcome is fresh, healthy, clean, and pesticide-free produce.

Why choose us?

We are decentralizing the production and distribution by growing vegetables closer to the consumption area, minimizing the time between ‘Farm to Fork’ and reducing the carbon miles. We make sure that our customers get their vegetables within hours of harvest and nothing but clean, fresh and 100% chemical free vegetables.

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