Our Network Of Farmers

network farmer

The foundation of India is agriculture and the farmers are our lifeline. They work day and night at their farms so that we can have food on our tables. Farmcult is proud to have collaborated with multitude of farmers who, like us, believe in natural farming. They understand that the path to healthy India can only be paved by organic and chemical free farming. The commercialisation of farming has disassociated the farmers from the consumers. Most of the people don’t know where the vegetables they buy come from. At Farmcult, we want our customers to know the farmer who who are growing food for them, this will help us add compassion to our Farm to Fork cycle.

We are not just aggregators whose relationship with its consumers end when the products are delivered at their doorstep. When you buy a monthly subscription from us, you become a Farmcult family member.We are making a big family comprising of farmers and consumers.

We aim to expand our farmer network so that every farmer who is practising chemical free farming, gets an opportunity to connect with the consumers who are looking to buy healthy food.Therefore, if you are a farmer cultivating organic vegetables or know someone who is doing it, please reach out to us.